Nina Aragon

based in Greenville, South Carolina.

Nina Aragon is a first generation Filipino-American artist originally from Greenville, South Carolina. Her pronouns are she/her.

She hates butterflies, loves large dogs, and believes in aliens. In her spare time she takes her dog Whiskey on walks, takes care of her plants, and spends too much time cooking meals that are much more elaborate than her kitchen can handle.

Her goal is to explore an unfamiliar world with familiar emotions. She is currently a marketing design intern at Bloomsbury Publishing USA until the end of May, but is still open to freelance jobs. After her internship ends, Nina is looking for full-time employment either remotely or based in Atlanta, Georgia. She would love to work in a collaborative environment, that would allow her to utilize her storytelling ability. She is also looking for jobs in the fields of editorial and advertising.